About PCCA

Paulin Center for the Creative Arts is an innovative program designed for developing musicians and artists who seek to enrich their lives through instruction in music and art lessons and group classes. A qualified staff of contemporary, inspiring instructors impart their knowledge and expertise to young and old alike.


MUSIC Lessons

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Private music lessons are available in many performance areas for students of all ages and skill levels.

Piano Violin/Viola Viola
Bass Brass Woodwinds
Guitar Organ Voice

We have 4 instructor levels, based on experience and education:

Instructor Level 1 (student teacher)
Instructor Level 2
Instructor Level 3
Instructor Level 4 (PhD Level)

MUSIC Ensembles

PCCA offers the opportunity for young students to participate in our various ensembles, both to enrich their experience and share their talents with family, friends and the community.

Children's Music Enrichment Class

Classes designed for toddlers (1-3 years old) and Preschoolers (4-7 year olds) that incorporates games, singing and rhythmic activities in an exciting and delightful environment of learning, as a prelude to a lifetime of music making.


Lessons and classes are taught on a 16-week semester basis (excluding Summer Session).

Payment arrangements must be made BEFORE the first lesson/class, during the first week of EACH semester. Paulin Center for the Creative Arts reserves the right to suspend lessons for non-payment.

As a courtesy to our customers we offer the option of paying in three monthly installments. To qualify lessons/classes must be paid with either:

     – 3 post-dated checks
     – Authorization to charge credit card 3 times

There is a 5% family tuition discount if more than one family member is enrolled in PCCA.

Scholarships – Applications for scholarships are due one week before each semester, and are awarded on a need-only basis.

Placement – New students may contact Rosalie Rasmussen, director of Paulin Center for the Creative Arts (PCCA) for private music lesson placement.

ON Time – All lessons will be taught in the Paulin Hall facility. Students are expected to arrive on time for their lessons. If they are late, the teacher is not expected to extend the lesson or provide a make-up lesson.

Missed & Make-up Lessons – There are no refunds for missed lessons due to illness, emergencies, or school outings. Your lesson time has been reserved for you, and regardless of your presence the lesson must be paid for. If, at the beginning of the semester, you know you will miss specific lessons, notify your teacher, and if he/she approves, he/she will authorize the bookkeeper to charge for the semester, less the missed lessons. If the teacher misses a lesson, make-up lessons will be given no later than one week after the end of the semester.

Performance – Students enrolled in private music lessons are entitled to participate in monthly performance classes and recitals. Students will receive help in preparing for competitions, solo recitals, and Certificate of Merit adjudications given by the Music Teacher's Association of California and National Piano Guild auditions.

Injury or Damages – Paulin Center for the Creative Arts is released from all claims and damages, in the unlikely event of injury or damage to student's owned instruments sustained by the student(s) during the course of PCCA activities.

Registration – Contact Linda Dunbar, the Music Department Office Manager to register and make payment arrangements.

Parking – Remember to get your FREE parking permit from PUC PUBLIC SAFETY. Parking on the campus of Pacific Union College, including the upper and lower parking lots between Paulin Hall and the gym is for PUC registered vehicles ONLY. To avoid a ticket, you must have a Public Safety authorized sticker on your car, or a daily parking permit issued by Public Safety.

The Role of

It is a commitment on the part of parents to nurture music and art in the life of a child. The brief amount of time spent in a class with a teacher cannot compare to a parent's ongoing enthusiasm and love for the arts which is the main inspiration for a child's own artistic exploration. Singing, playing, and creating together at home make the arts a part of daily life, which creates memories that will inspire future involvement in the arts. This is the gift of a lifetime. Please feel free to contact individual teachers or the director of Paulin Center for the Creative Arts with your questions, suggestions, or problems.


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