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C. Lynn Wheeler, D.M.A., specializes in piano, music history and music theory. He chaired the Music Dept. for 24 years from 1986 to 2010. Currently he is coordinating the upcoming Department's National Assoc. of Schools of Music accreditation visit in 2014. He often serves as team chair for NASM evaluation visits to other colleges and universities. Since 2009 Dr. Wheeler has served as President of the International Adventist Musicians Association. He continues to perform as a soloist, in chamber ensembles, and as an accompanist. He has directed the annual Academy Keyboard Festival since the 1980s, and prior to that he organized summer keyboard festivals with well-known musicians such as Adele Marcus, Stewart Gordon, Lilli Kraus, Leo Poldowsky, Robert Dumm, etc. He enjoys traveling with his wife, Char; spending time with his granddaughter, Cassie; visiting family and friends; and gardening, birding, and hiking.