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Rosalie Rasmussen
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Rosalie Rasmussen received her B.Mus. and M.Mus. degrees in keyboard education from Andrews University. Additional music education classwork was done at Walla Walla College. Primary piano professors were Elaine Taylor, Sandra Camp and Leonard Richter; organ professors, Warren Becker and William Ness. Her music teaching encompasses a wide range of various ensembles, classroom music, music methods and general music classes at Walla Walla College, Southern Adventist University, Wisconsin Academy, Great Lakes Academy, Milton Stateline Elementary School, Greater Lansing Adventist School, and A.W. Spalding Elementary School. She has also enjoyed church music involvement as organist-choral director in a number of denominations. She is currently director of Paulin Center for the Creative Arts, teaches music education, piano, piano pedagogy, and conducts the handbell choirs at Pacific Union College. She and her husband Bruce have three children: Kristii, Heidi and Timothy.