Steve Halbe
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Mr. Halbe holds a B.A. degree from the San Francisco State University and has been an active professional musician and teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area for five decades. As an on-call musician throughout this period, his musical assignments were varied: theater orchestra, convention productions, regional symphonic orchestras, hotel and private party angagements, Lake Tahoe casinos, recording experiences, "big" bands, circuses and local park bands. A few of the many notable perfomers in these assignments include Maria Alderghetti, Sergio Franco, Anton Coppola, Al Martino, Andy Williams, Tony Bennett, Henry Mancini, and Josephine Baker. Along the way, Mr. Halbe's important mentors were Philip Bovero, Ludwig Toepfer, Charles Travis, Bernard Portney, John de Lancie, and Jacob Krachmalnick. Mr. Halbe retired from public school teaching in 1996: a career of 32 years which included elementary, middle school, and high school assignments. Mr. Halbe teaches woodwind instruments.