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May 28, 2012
Vol. 6 No 4


Timothy Dexter

New Albion Manager

Tim Dexter

Tim Dexter
Begins Work July 1, 2012

Tim Dexter

Tim Dexter, our new manager at the Field Station, will graduate from Pacific Union College on June 17 with a degree in business. He comes to us from Nevada where he and his brother grew up farming, knowing the rigors and necessity of working from sunup to sundown during seed time and harvest. He completed his high school work at Monterey Bay Academy where he was a Resident Assistant. In searching out the “right college” for him, he spent time at Walla Walla and La Sierra before selecting PUC.

His work experience on the PUC campus has been with Art Goulard in the Landscape Department. There, he has gained experience in all aspects of landscape management and irrigation systems that will serve him well in his work at Albion.

His business degree will give him skills in the business management and marketing of Albion to on-campus entities as well as off-campus groups. He is competent working with computers and will be able to step easily into his new position of managing Albion.

Tim is a “people person.” Much of this comes naturally for him however; his experience as a residence assistant in the dorm gives him an extra edge dealing with tricky issues that frequently appear when managing a facility like Albion.


Wil Cook

We have honored Wil’s request to move to the Assistant Manager position; however, until Tim comes on duty July 1, Wil will continue as Manager.

In his new position, Wil will be known as the Assistant Manager and Chef, in charge of the food service and overseeing the housekeeping.

Tim has been able to come to Albion and work with Wil a bit on weekends. It appears that Tim does know how to wash dishes and is not “all thumbs” in food preparation.

Wil and Tim

Wil Cook (left) and Tim Dexter (right)


Rhododendron Show Honors

Several rhododendrons from the Field Station’s collection won ribbons recently at the 35th annual John Druecker Memorial Rhododendron Show held at The Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens in Fort Bragg. The show, which featured more than 700 entries, is sponsored by the Noyo Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society. This is the second year that the Field Station has entered the competition, and the second year we have been awarded prize ribbons.

Of this year’s 20 Field Stations entries, 8 received Honorable Mention, Second Place, or First Place ribbons.

The Field Station collection contains 80 rhododendrons from the tiny Snow Lady to Walloper which has individual flowers 5 inches across. The blooming season of our collection ranges from mid-February through June. While most rhododendrons are shades of pink, red, or lavender, and are unscented, we especially enjoy the unusual, fragrant blossoms such as Fragrantissimum and Mi Amor, as well as the variety of colors including orange, yellow, burgundy, and nearly blue.

Plan to stay at the Field Station during blooming season, and be sure to enjoy the collection at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, as well (it has more than 1,200 rhodies!).

Well Shed

Mi Amor


Inside Well Shed


Rhodie 1

Point Defiance


Rhodie 2

Phyllis Korn


Projects for the Future

A number of Albion supporters have asked, “Are there more projects to do at Albion? Do you continue to need money for these projects?" The answer is YES! Right now we are doing catch up projects, projects that have been sent to the back burner because of the larger projects that were on our plate.

For starters, we need to landscape around Lonicera, the 4-plex cabin up on the hill. It is not a large amount of money that we need for this, unlike our last campaign for the boat dock; however, what we plan to do will make the place look more attractive and protect it from the hillside above.

We anticipate needing about $5,000 to $7,000 to accomplish this by the time we purchase the bricks for construction of the retaining walls, sprinklers, timers, drip system supplies and sod to put in the grassy areas. We are appealing to you to continue your faithfulness in giving to the Albion project. In your planned annual giving to your favorite charities, don’t leave out Albion.

We need your help to complete the task we set out to do.Thank you for your generosity over the seven to eight years we have been working on this project. May we count on you for the future.

How to Donate

 If you give by check, mark your check "Albion Projects," and send your contribution to:

Development Office
Pacific Union College
One Angwin Ave.
Angwin, CA 94508

If your donation is by credit card:

You may go online to donate ( or call the Development Office at 707-965-7500 and ask them to credit the "Albion Projects" fund.

Tim Dexter, 707-937-5440,
Wil Cook , 707-937-5440,
Gibby Muth, 707-965-2607,
Larry Provonsha, 916-638-0842,
Bill Hemmerlin, 707-965-3577,

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