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April 6, 2012
Vol. 6 No 3


Peter Panday

Leaving Albion



Thank You Peter!

After a bit over three years, Peter is returning to the Loma Linda area, where he owns a house and his family resides. He resigned for personal reasons as they relate to the needs of his family.

Peter came to us when we really needed him, hitting the ground running. He hasn’t let up a bit. He took ownership of the grounds and kept them well, making the campus inviting. In the spring, this involved a lot of weed whacking and mowing. He was careful to listen and carry out our wishes (Gibby, Larry and Bill) when we would see something that needed to be done. One incident comes to mind. Gibby brought over a sign from the college indicating that individuals using canoes or kayaks were required to wear life jackets and not go out in the Albion bay with any of these boats. The breath was hardly out of Gibby’s mouth before the job was complete.

Peter was strong, innovative, and good with his hands. He could build almost anything and was willing to do that which we either didn’t like to do or were unable to do.

Peter will also be missed in the kitchen. He and Wil worked together hand and glove when they had people to feed and were very efficient. It was not uncommon for Peter to make one of his Bangladeshi dishes and serve it to the volunteer workers. It was, for us, exotic and tasty.

As a farewell, we took Peter to the Purple Rose, a favorite local Mexican Restaurant in Fort Bragg.

So, Peter, we will miss you, but we wish you God’s blessing as you move on to other things.


Peter and his Daughter at the Purple Rose


Manager Position

Wil Cook, the current Manager has asked that he be reassigned as Assistant Manager and that the new person we hire be the Manager. We are honoring Wil’s wishes and thus are searching for a Manager.  Some of the characteristics we are looking for in a manager are (1) good people skills, (2) maintenance skills of carpentry, electrical and plumbing, (3) computer skills, (4) maintenance of boats and willingness to obtain a Coast Guard Master’s license, and (5) a basic sense of neatness, orderliness and cleanliness.

See the posting at the end of the newsletter with directions on how and where to apply.


Water System at Albion

The water system at Albion has evolved over the years. First we got our water from a spring coming out of the side of the mountain. Then we took it from the creek that runs down through camp and then about 1970 we drilled a well and pumped the water into three 15,000 gallon redwood tanks on the side of the hill, giving us plenty of water and good gravity pressure.

In the early days of Albion, it was not uncommon for one of us teachers to stop class to remove a salamander that had gotten into the water line going into the kitchen. This was a necessary practice if we were going to be served a meal!

In the last few months we have had the California State Department of Health, which has jurisdiction over public water supplies, inspect our system. They granted us a license that contained a number of provisions. There were three major provisions (1) that we build a lockable pump house, (2) that we modify the roof and the vent holes on the redwood water tanks, and (3) that we take samples for testing after each rain storm of an inch or more of water in 24 hours. This last requirement is to determine whether we are getting surface water into the well.

A mini-work bee was hastily put together in the middle of February. During that week we built the well house and put the new roof and screen on the water tanks.  We are now in compliance with the California State Department of Health.

Well Shed

Inside Well Shed


The Rhodes are Blooming

Come to Albion and spend a few days. The Rhododendrons are beautiful!

Rhodie 1

Rhodie 2

Rhodie 3


Dock Project Fully Paid for and Under Budget

The budget for the dock was $244,842.66 and we spent $240,500.81, under budget by $4,341.85. As with any project there is the “landscaping” both literally and figuratively. In this case we did landscape around the entrance to the dock; however, the other “landscaping” involves getting water and electricity out on the dock. We probably have another $5,000 in materials to get the water and electric lines out on the dock and hooked up.

Thanks to all of you who contributed money and the volunteers who worked to make this all possible. Your support is greatly appreciated.

We have a number of little projects that we are working on. We still need funds to purchase the materials for (1) the generator, (2) landscaping around Lonicera, and (3) a blue canvas top for the patio boat. We have nearly enough for the emergency generator, the top of our list. It is going to take about $5,000 more before we can complete this project. We are estimating that we need about $5,000 for landscaping materials around Lonicera and the blue canvas top will cost us just under $1,000 to have made.

Thanks again for being so generous with us.



Albion Field Station Manager

Full Time Staff Job Opening


Wage Rate:


$42,217 to $45,706 (plus denominational benefits, depending upon qualifications and experience)




Reporting to the Director of Albion duties include but not limited to: Day-to-day management of field station which include reservations, check-in and check-out of guests, billing, meal preparation and custodial; coordinates with college personnel charged with marketing the Field Station; business responsibilities involving banking, receipting, budget planning, purchasing, financial statement review, etc; maintenance duties such as monthly building check, maintain telephone and computer, maintain equipment and tools, maintain boats and boating equipment; electrical; plumbing; and other duties as may arise.




* Minimum of Bachelor's degree (Business Administration preferred).
* Related experience and/or training.

* Excellent communication, presentation, and technology skills.

* Strong organizational, implementation, and interpretation/assessment ability.

* Thorough knowledge of administration, budget, automated systems, and implementation of these systems.

* Strong interpersonal skills.

* Willingness to obtain Water Treatment license.

* Knowledgeable in boat operations and willingness to obtain a U.S. Coast Guard Master’s License.


Starting Date:


As Soon As Possible, After April 1, 2012




Applications will be received until a suitable applicant is chosen




Applications are available in the Human Resources Office or online at

Applications from current employees are welcome.

Applicants must be members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Email (, fax (707-965-6400), or mail (Human Resources Office, One Angwin Avenue, Angwin, CA 94508) your signed application to HR.

Completed Applications must be sent to Human Resources

Applicants selected for interviews will be contacted by Human Resources or Albion


How to Donate

 If you give by check, mark your check "Albion Projects," and send your contribution to:

Development Office
Pacific Union College
One Angwin Ave.
Angwin, CA 94508

If your donation is by credit card:

You may go online to donate ( or call the Development Office at 707-965-7500 and ask them to credit the "Albion Boat Dock" fund.


Wil Cook , 707-937-5440,
Gibby Muth, 707-965-2607,
Larry Provonsha, 916-638-0842,
Bill Hemmerlin, 707-965-3577,


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