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March 3, 2011
Vol. 5 No. 4


We Need Your Pledge

for the Albion Boat Dock Project


Campaign Status

  1. Because of the commitment of the PUC Board of Trustees to Albion and their confidences in you, its supporters, they voted on February 22, to proceed with the Albion Boat Dock Project if we have cash and pledges totaling at least $230,000 ($211,000 contract bid + $19,000 for contingency).
  2. We have $163,000 in cash as of February 28.
  3. Therefore, we need to raise $67,000 in cash and pledges, to be paid by December 31, 2011.


Facts about Project Cost

  1. Bid history for the project:
    • 2007 bid was $116,311
    • 2009 bid was $159,198
    • 2011 bid is $211,000
    • a bi-annual increase rate of 35%
  2. Increase due to rising cost of:
    • steel for the pilings
    • labor, insurance and other business expenses
    • fuel


Risks of Postponing the Project

  1. While it took five years and the approval of seven different governmental agencies (federal, state and local) to secure the permits, they are all now in hand for the project.
  2. Losing our permits subjects us to the potential for a complete new environmental review which may have more restrictive guidelines (very possible with the current administration of the federal and state governments).
  3. Costs are escalating at about 18% annually which has the potential for pricing the project out of reach.


We need your 2011 Pledge

  1. The project must be funded to proceed and we are very close to making it happen. WE CAN DO THIS!
  2. Please consider a 2011 pledge now to be paid by December 31, 2011.
  3. A pledge or cash gift, matching your 2010 gift, would be welcome.
  4. For your convenience, print the pledge card at the bottom and mail it to the PUC Development Office.
  5. Contact Larry, Bill or me by phone or email and we will mail a pledge card to you.

Urgency of Pledge


We need your pledge now so we can get the Boat Dock Project (1) in the queue with the contractor for July and August, and (2) so that the price of $230,000 can be secured.



Thank you all for your generous support of Albion.



New Dock


Location of the New Boat Docking Facility


How to Donate


If you want to pledge, call or email Gibby, Larry or Bill, or print the pledge form below and mail it to the Development office, listed below.


If you give by check, mark your check "Albion Boat Dock," and send your contribution to:


Development Office
Pacific Union College
One Angwin Ave.
Angwin, CA 94508


If your donation is by credit card:

You may go online to donate ( or call the Development Office at 707-965-7500 and ask them to credit the "Albion Boat Dock" fund.


Wil Cook , 707-937-5440,

Gibby Muth, 707-965-2607,

Larry Provonsha, 916-638-0842,

Bill Hemmerlin, 707-965-3577,


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Written by Gilbert Muth, 305 Sky Oaks Drive , Angwin , CA 94508 (707) 965-2607


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Pacific Union College
Pledge Card


I, (name) ______________________________, will pledge to donate $___________________

on or before December 31, 2011. This donation is to be credited to the Albion Boat Dock Fund.


Signed ________________________________________


Print Name_____________________________________


Date _________________________________________


Address _______________________________________


City, State, Zip __________________________________

Mail to:

Development Office
Pacific Union College
One Angwin Ave
Angwin, CA 94508