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November 1, 2010
Vol. 5 No.1


Bill Hemmerlin Joins Albion Team

Bill Hemmerlin  


Bill Hemmerlin



Bill Hemmerlin Joins Albion Team


Having just retired from teaching in the PUC Chemistry Department, Bill Hemmerlin has joined our Albion Team. It is now the "Three Musketeers” instead of the "Partners in Crime!" Larry and I are enjoying the input and help that Bill has been giving us at Albion but more so, his perspective in making decisions. Thanks Bill for coming onboard!  


Bill joined the Chemistry Department in 1979 and retired on June 30, 2010, a total of 31 years at PUC. Prior to PUC he had seven years at other Adventist institutions for a total teaching career of 38 years. Bill was very involved with his students and department in various capacities: (1) chaired the department for more years than he liked, (2) advised premed and predental students, (3) hosted chemistry students and faculty at his home many times over the years. 



Latest Albion Development


Special Visit by PUC Administrators


On Monday, October 19, Dr. Heather Knight, President, along with her husband Norman, and Dr. Dave Lawrence spent the day at Albion. Dr. Lawrence is the new CFO of the college.  Larry, Bill and I were there to give them a tour of the facilities. Wil Cook, manager, Peter Panday and Jim Pasch also participated in the tour. While we took Heather and Dave up the river for a ride on the patio boat, Wil and staff remained behind to prepare lunch for the group.


Following lunch we discussed Albion and a bit of philosophy for the future. A couple of important outcomes of our discussion occurred: (1) While Dr. Knight sees the main campus as our grounds [property?  site?] in the beautiful mountains and Napa Valley, Albion is our other campus on the beautiful Mendocino Coast. (2) She considers Albion and the boat-docking facility project as one of PUC's top ten projects and supports it completely.


Dr. Lawrence was impressed with the facilities on this first visit to Albion, so much so that he booked a return trip for his family. The boat ride up the river was also a highlight.


Bill, Larry and I are delighted that key members of the PUC administrative team are committed to continuing the mission of Albion.


Tour Down Main Street


Tour Down Main Street



Tour In Front of Lonicera


Tour in Front of Lonicera



Dave Lawrence


Dave Lawrence



Trip Up River in Patio Boat


Trip Up River in Patio Boat



Lunch in the Dining Room


Lunch in the Dining Room



Fall Work Bee: Garage and Generator Additions


During the two-week period of September 19-October 1, more than 40 individuals put in 2,400 hours of volunteer labor. At $15 per hour, this $36,000 worth of labor. Assuming that we spent $25,000 in materials, this is $61,000 worth of work for only the cost of materials.


The jobs that we accomplished were to frame the two bays on either end of the garage and frame the generator shed. When preparing to blend the new garage bay roofs with the old roof, we discovered significant dry rot in the plywood sheeting and the rafters of the old portion of the garage. This had to be repaired, so we completely re-sheeted the entire garage roof after replacing the rotten rafter tails, and then put new composition shingles on the entire garage roof.


A week later the roll-up garage doors and interior electric heaters were installed in the two garage bays and the generator shed. This will keep the interior of the garage bays and generator shed warm and moisture-free during the winter months when the humidity in the canyon runs 100%. There is now space for all our vehicles and power equipment inside warm and dry buildings.


Following the exterior painting, the rain gutters will be installed and all the buildings will be closed in and weather tight for the winter.


Completed Garage with New Bays at Each End


Completed Garage with New Bays at Each End


Completed Garage Bay with Minipickup Parked Inside


Completed Garage Bay with Mini-pickup Parked Inside



Completed Electrical Closet and Landscaping


Completed Electrical Closet and Landscaping



Emergency Generator


Terry Janzen, a serious supporter of Albion, had concerns about how we were setting up our emergency generator. Terry contacted a professional who had set up a couple of emergency generators for him and arranged for him to come out and evaluate what we were doing. He affirmed our design and how we were going about putting the project all together. The most important suggestion offered was the amount of air-intake vents we had for the enclosure. We will be installing some more vent openings in the next couple of weeks.


We still have some issues in hooking up the generator and getting it fully operational; however, it is primarily a matter of installing the equipment. This should be complete by Thanksgiving.


New Deck


Completed Generator Shed Ready for Roofing



We Need Your Financial Help!


By the time of our last work bee, we had to borrow a bit of money to complete the projects described. We are asking that you remember us in your year-end giving. Please make your contributions payable to Pacific Union College and mark them ALBION PROJECT. Send them to the following address:

Development Office
Pacific Union College
One Angwin Ave
Angwin, CA 94508

Or call 707-965-7500 to make a credit card donation.



Rooms at Albion


The rooms at Albion are available for individual and family getaways as well as for groups. It is now possible to book online ( You can also call Wil at 707-937-5440 to reserve a room.



Wil Cook , 707-937-5440,


Gibby Muth, 707-965-2607,


Larry Provonsha, 916-638-0842,


Bill Hemmerlin, 707-965-3577,


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