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December 20 , 2009
Vol. 4 No. 6

Big Update

Great Accommodations = More Usage

It is very satisfying to have private baths for all the cabins. With housekeepers, the rooms are always clean and comfortable. Because of this and the location of various rooms, individuals are returning and requesting their favorite rooms when making a reservation.

The continued upgrading of the campus is bringing significant changes that make one’s stay at Albion even more enjoyable. During the past few months volunteers have made several improvements.



We are in the finishing stage of the Laboratory Building. The floor is now installed and the wainscot and trim are about half completed. Bob and Virginia Coombs undertook the project of restoring all the marine displays that were hanging on the walls. These displays are now all clustered in the hallway.

New Deck

Finished Cedar Exterior of Lab


New Deck

Interior Flooring Being Installed

New Deck

Completed Flooring
Finish Oak Trim and Knotty Pine Wainscot


New Deck

Finished Hallway
Refurbished Marine and Insect Displays


New Deck

Refurbished Insect Display


New Deck

Larry Provonsha Holding Waste Molding Wood
This is all the waste that Gibby will allow which makes Larry very busy!


Old Boat Barn

At long last the permit from the California Coastal Commission was issued during the August work bee. Finally, we were able to take down the old boat barn. We now have a 180 degree view up and down the river! Tractors graded the site as well as the entire area by the lab and the area across the creek where the new boat dock will go. We seeded this area and now it is all green with new grass.

New Deck

Old Fallen-down Boat Barn


New Deck

Foundation of Old Boat Barn After Removal
Note the improved view up the river with the boat barn gone.


New Deck

View of the Old Boat Barn Site from the River


Preservation of Cabin Exteriors

Four individuals applied 46 gallons of preservative to the cedar siding of all the cabins and the lab. This preservative, probably the best on the market, keeps the cedar more natural in color and prevents mold and water from staining or discoloring the wood.

New Deck

Spraying and Brushing the Preservative into the Wood


New Deck

Macoma after Having the Preservative Applied


Brick Wall Behind the Dining Room

The area behind the dining room has been problematic since the dining room was constructed. The bank continually seeps water from the above hillside and thus is a muddy-mucky mess year-round. Our volunteers tackled this project in August and transformed the area. It is now clean and dry. The seepage water is caught by a French drain and piped to a culvert that carries the water to the creek. After the muck was removed and the French drain was installed, a concrete walkway was poured and retaining wall bricks were stacked to prevent the bank from caving in. Now that the rains have come, this big project is working flawlessly. The volunteers worked a full week to complete it.

New Deck

The Brick Retaining Wall on the East Side of the Dining Room


New Deck

The Brick Wall on the Backside of the Dining Room looking East


Traffic Barriers

Much-needed traffic barriers were erected, painted white, sheet metal caps installed on top of the posts to resist rotting and reflective tape was added. These provide increased safety to our narrow road, and most of our guests find peace of mind in knowing where the edge of the cliff begins.

New Deck

New White Traffic Barrier at our Upper Gate


Future Improvements

Finishing the Lab and installing a backup generator to power the entire camp are planned for the coming year. This requires an addition to an existing building to house the generator. We will also remodel the electric panel room and finish the exterior painting and staining. Volunteer labor will be used to complete these projects.


Pontoon Boat for River Trips

A “new” boat was donated this summer, suited perfectly for taking people up the river. It is a 22 x 8 foot pontoon boat that will carry about 8-10 people. We have retired the old 16 foot Boston Whaler. After 33 years of use, the hull was in bad shape. However, the 85-horsepower engine on the Whaler is being transferred to the pontoon boat. We are calling it our “party boat” because it has nice seating and passengers can walk around on the boat easily.

New Deck

Jim Grossman and Gibby Preparing to Transport Pontoon Boat to Albion


New Deck

Pontoon Boat on Cruise Up the Albion River


Story of Albion DVD

A new DVD, has been produced called the “Story of Albion.” This video traces the history of the Field Station with Harold Clark telling how he came to find the property and purchase it back in 1947. If you would like a copy send an email or letter to Gibby or Gilbert Muth, 305 Sky Oaks Drive, Angwin, CA 94508 with your request. Be sure to include your contact information.


Rooms at Albion

The rooms at Albion are available for individual and family getaways as well as for groups. For the months of December and January, there is a 25% discount because it is our off-season. This a great place to spend some of the holidays; some of our best whale-watching has been done on New Year’s Day. Call Wil at 707-937-5440 and reserve a room now.


You Can Help

You can help by reserving rooms at Albion, donating money to Albion and telling your friends about the opportunities at Albion. Don’t forget to include Albion in your year-end giving.


How to Give

Make your donations payable to Pacific Union College and mark them Albion Project. Send them to the following address:

Development Office
Pacific Union College
One Angwin Ave
Angwin, CA 94508



Wil Cook , 707-937-5440,

Gibby Muth, 707-965-2607,

Larry Provonsha, 916-638-0842,


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Written by Gilbert Muth, 305 Sky Oaks Drive , Angwin , CA 94508 (707) 965-2607


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