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June 1 , 2009
Vol. 4 No.5

Work Bee
August 10-28, 2009

Work Bee

The big work bee for this summer is the middle two weeks of August. During that time we will be ridding the property of the old tumbled down boat barn, concrete boat in the creek, and culvert near the river on the west side of the valley. In addition there will be a lot of landscaping in several places, cleaning up around the dining room, painting, touch up work in the rooms, as well as framing and finish work inside and outside the lab. There will be work for all skill levels so plan to be there. Call Wil now and tell him you are coming. As usual the food and lodging are on us.


Updates on Albion

Our patronage continues to increase thanks to all of you who donated or helped with the project. Albion, for many years, has operated with a subsidy from the college. Our goal is to turn that around by increased patronage, a tight hold on expenses, and an operating endowment.

The lab is progressing very nicely. Since the last newsletter, we have installed the insulation in the floor, walls and ceiling, installed the new gas fireplaces, put up the OSB sheeting, then put up the dry wall and sealed it and just a week ago we completed installing the white-washed knotty pine ceiling. The new doors in the classrooms have also been installed.

Following the completion of the ceiling, the floor is the next big project. Quarter inch plywood has been screwed down to the floor. Over that will go 20 pound felt (tar paper) as a moisture barrier and the new floor will be laid over that. The actual flooring is a 9/16ths plywood hickory veneer that has been impregnated with titanium oxide. This leaves a coating on the surface that is guaranteed scratch resistant for 50 years. It appears to be the toughest stuff on the market for our application. In addition, we are working with several vendors for the very best price. With Larry on the job, we will get it!


New Deck

New Knotty Pine Ceiling Being Installed
(Larry Provonsha Duayne Witzel)


New Deck

New Knotty Pine Ceiling Being Installed
(Larry Provonsha, Ron Scott, Peter Panday)


New Deck

Staining, Sanding and Finishing Knotty Pine Ceiling
(Dennis Donovan, Wayne Wright, Wil Cook)


New Deck

Installed Fireplace
(The surround is being built by Dennis Donovan and will be installed later.)


New Deck

Dr. Ronald Scott
(Our oldest and most recent volunteer. How about 92!)


Financial Help Needed

Our cash is low right now, and we don't want to tell the volunteers to go home because there is not enough money to buy the materials, however we are committed to having the money in the bank before we purchase anything. If you can help us financially, send your donation to the Development Office. Also, if you would like to donate a portion of your estate to our endowment or contribute directly to the endowment please contact either Larry or Gibby.

The goal is to build a $2,000,000 endowment as an operating subsidy for Albion. The Board of Trustees has asked us to become revenue neutral (no subsidy from the college) very soon. Our plan is to put the endowment moneys in FDIC insured CD interest bearing accounts. Sixty percent of the interest will go toward operating and the other 40% will be put back into the endowment. This is the type of gift that continues to give until the Lord comes.


Larry's Arm

Larry's arm has healed very well. In fact, in the photos above you can see on the scaffold putting up the knotty pine ceiling. He played his first golf game after 13 weeks this past Friday. He would not divulge his score, but apparently is was not the worst game he ever played.


How to Give

Make your donations payable to Pacific Union College and mark them Albion Project. Send them to the following address:

Development Office
Pacific Union College
One Angwin Ave
Angwin, CA 94508



Friends of Albion Weekend at Albion

The Friends of Albion Weekend at Albion was a great success. Every room but one was full. If you were not there, you were missed. Maybe next time you will be able to make it.


Wil Cook , 707-937-5440,

Gibby Muth, 707-965-2607,

Larry Provonsha, 916-638-0842,


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