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March 4, 2009
Vol. 4 No. 3

Larry Breaks Arm

Not Bank

for Albion

The "rest of the story" follows!

"The Rest of the Story"

A number of enhancing projects for Albion have surfaced since we completed the Restroom Project. One of those is the Lab.

A significant donation came in for the construction of a deck on the creek side of the Lab as a place to hang out and enjoy the sun. This necessitated sliding glass doors for easy movement onto the deck. With all these nicities, to leave the unfinished interior of the lab unfinished seemed untennable. So, now we are in a full renovation mode of the lab.

Full renovation means double pane windows throughout, insulation in all of the walls, finishing the plywood covered walls and putting down a floor covering of some sort.

Duayne Witzel agreed to direct the construction of the deck and the windows in the Lab. As the project has grown his horizons have also expanded for the project. Therefore, in preparation for the ceiling insulation and the can lights that will replace the old fluorescent lights he was nailing up a drop ceiling in the lab. In the process he was nailing into the 4" x 16" douglas fir roof beam that went over the fireplace and discovered that it was hollow, so hollow that mice were nesting in it.

Further investigation revealed that the beam was rotton all the way through the fireplace facing, where it passed. Upon removal we discovered hardly any solid wood. The beam would need to be replaced.

The reason for the beam being rotton is because the roof leaked all around the fireplace, not just recently but for most of the almost 50 years since it was installed. Knowing this, we removed the fireplace in the center of the lab.

In the process of replacing the beam, Larry was on a ladder helping to remove the old material around the hole in the roof. At the time, his back was turned and he was on about the 5th step of the ladder when a rather large piece of wood broke loose, swung around and knocked him off the ladder. He fell on his left shoulder and elbow which broke his humorus bone very near the shoulder.

The good news is that it is NOT life-threatening. The bad news is that Kathi, his wife, has to put up with his pacing the floor until it heals. His golfing buddies? It is six weeks until his next golf game!

Fireplace with Rotton Beam

Fireplace With Rotten Beam Removed


Rotton Beam over Old Fireplace

Rotten Beam over Old Fireplace


Rotton Beam Removed from Over Fireplace

Rotton Beam Removed from Over Fireplace


Section of Rotton Beam

Section of Rotton Beam


The Deck

The deck is 16 feet wide and extends the entire length of the lab (60 feet). Bench seating will be built around the margins of the deck with steps leading off the deck at the Albion River end. Lamp stands along the creek side of the deck will provid soft lighting for eveining use. The decking is Evergreen, a synthetic product that is very resistive to moisture and decay.

New Deck

New Deck Showing Sliding Glass Doors

The Lab

The goal is to use the lab for all meetings and keep the dining room exclusively for dining. It is being designed for multiple uses as well as a meeting room for large groups. It will have an accordion door that will separate the two rooms. When the door is open we will be able to accomodate about 102 people with each room separately holding around 50. The sliding glass doors and the new windows add considerable more light to the interior, brings outdoor nature close for viewing, and great access to the deck.

The interior will be white-washed knotty pine on the ceiling and also as a wane's coat 30 inches high on the walls. The rest of the walls will be off-white painted and textured sheet rock. The floor will have a tough vinyl/tile of some sort. Lighting will be by can lights in the ceiling.

Wall with Accordion Doors

New Wall for Where Accordion Doors will be Installed


Large Classroom with Can Lights

Large Classroom with Can Lights Installed



The entire building will be insulated -- floor, ceiling and walls. With the dual pane windows, heating should be no problem.


Gas Fireplaces

With the fireplace in the center gone, our source of heating that building has been completely lostl. Thus, we will be replacing that with gas fireplaces in the front of each of the two classrooms. These will be in the front left corner of the smaller classroom and the front right corner of the larger classroom. These gas fireplaces are not only nice to look at but they put out a lot of heat.


Serious Need for $8,000 for the Gas Fireplaces

Discovering the rotted beam was fortuitous. It had all the potential of being dangerous to us and to our patrons. Because it is a maintanence item, Albion has taken the cost of removing the fireplace and all the framing and new beam support out of its operating budget. There is no more and we still need the fireplaces for heat. We asked the college administration for the funds necessary to purchase the gas fireplaces. They likewise are facing a shortfall. With some help from them and donations that are "in the bank" we are borrowing from the Albion Project fund the money to get the gas fireplaces in now. However, we will need the borrowed money later this spring and summer to complete the lab reonvation project.

We are strongly appealing to you, our Friends of Albion to help us out in this "crisis." The lab will be used a lot, even though not completely finished, for church groups and Dan Wyrick's outdoor education groups all spring long, including the Art session during the last two weeks of June.


How to Give

Make your donations payable to Pacific Union College and mark them Albion Project. Send them to the following address:

Development Office
Pacific Union College
One Angwin Ave
Angwin, CA 94508



Friends of Albion Weekend at Albion

Many of you have reserved a spot to come to Albion for the weekend of March 13-15 for our Friends of Albion "thanks a lot" weekend. The lodging and meals are free and we would like for you to come, even if it is for Sabbath. We are excited that more than 50 of you have made reservations with Wil. Because of this all rooms are taken as I write this newsletter, however there are typically cancellations at the last minute. We still have room for motorhomes and campers or for individuals who want to come just for the day. If you are planning on coming please call or email Wil and get your name on the list. Wil likes to know how many he is cooking for.

The Friday evening meal is served at 6:30 p.m. We will be discussing our future plans for Albion and giving tours of the facilities for those who have not seen them recently. If the weather cooperates, we have a "new" 18-foot Boston Whaler that we can take you out in the ocean to observe the Gray Whale migration. And, if you have a little time on Sunday morning, there will be a few volunteer projects that we would like for you to be a part of.

We are looking forward to seeing you in just a few days!


Wil Cook , 707-937-5440,

Gibby Muth, 707-965-2607,

Larry Provonsha, 916-638-0842,


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