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November 24 , 2008
Vol. 4 No. 2

Restroom Project Completed

View from Lonicera


Restroom Project Officially Complete

The restroom project was officially completed on Wednesday, November 5, 2008, when the final building inspection occurred, essentially two years and eight months after we started. The generosity of 100 donors giving $560,000 and 150 volunteers donating 15,000 hours made it all possible. Below is a quick chronology of the events:

  • March 17-19, 2006 - building permits obtained and work started on Lonicera

  • August 2006 - formed and poured the concrete pads

  • September 2006 - installed underground sewer, electrical and gas lines


  • May 2007 - framed all the cabins

  • June to December 2007 - roof, rough plumbing, rough wiring and insulation

  • December 2007 - dry wall, taping, texturing and painting


  • January 2008 - floor covering, finish electrical, finish plumbing, new mattresses and box springs

  • January 16, 2008 - showers and toilets became functional

  • February 2008 - first groups began using new facilities

  • July 2008 - high speed Internet, computer system, wi fi for campus, phone system, began landscaping and irrigation system

  • September 2008 - completed landscaping and laid sod

  • October 2008 - PUC Board of Trustees held first retreat at Albion


Patronage Up

The word is out about Albion; our patronage is up! Every weekend this fall is occupied by a group, generally with a nearly full camp. The outlook for the coming months through June of 2009 -- no weekends available! Spring is our heavy season for elementary and secondary education groups during the week. These reservations are full as well. Groups and individuals do cancel so if you are thinking of coming to Albion give Wil or Peter a call. They will do their best to fit you in or put you on a waiting list.


Further Plans for Albion

There are five projects that yet need to be completed: (1) finish the unfinished lab, (2) install an emergency power generator, (3) construct boat docking facility, (4) construct the boat barn, and (5) refurbish the dining room.

For the coming year we will be concentrating on finishing the unfinished lab, installing an emergency power generator and constructing the boat docking facility.

We have approval from the California Coastal Commission for the boat docking facility and the boat barn, however we are waiting for about 5-6 governmental agencies to sign off before they give us the construction permit. We are hoping for the construction permit by January or February.


PUC Administrative Retreat

Every August, the PUC administrators block out the entire camp at Albion and hold two days of talks in preparation for the upcoming school year. In addition to their administrative work they also made plans for the first Board of Trustees Retreat at Albion only a month and a half later. This year there was no ditch to work in so they went to the Botanical Gardens in Fort Bragg for a break from their intense rounds of talks.


Board of Trustees Retreat at Albion

History was made at Albion when the Board of Trustees had their fall Board Retreat at Albion for the first time. Even though most of the time was spent in meetings members of the Board were able to tour Mendocino, take boat rides up the river and participate in watercolor demonstrations by Dennis Simpson and John Hewitt. You guessed it, the camp has been reserved for the 2009 fall Board Retreat!.


Friends of Albion Weekend at Albion

Put the weekend of March 20-21-22, 2009 on your calendar and call Wil or Peter for a reservation now (first come first serve). If you have donated to or worked on the Restroom project we want to say THANKS and give you a chance to enjoy the fruits of your labor and/or the results of your donation. The food and lodging are on us.


We Still Need Your Financial Help

Financial help is still needed at Albion. To complete Albion and make it the dreamed of educational and retreat center of the Mendocino Coast and of PUC, we need to complete the projects listed above. However, we will NOT proceed unless the money is in hand.

There is a group of volunteers who love to come to Albion and donate their labor. We want to keep the momentum going with these individuals, but we need money for materials. Having sufficient funds for these volunteers necessitates a yearly income stream from which we can budget and and plan work bees. Therefore we are proposing the following.

For the Friends of Albion, will you "Partner with Albion" in contributing $500 or more each year beginning this fall? All gifts are welcomed and appreciated. So, if you are unable to give at this level, will you give a systematic amount each year? Whatever you designate for Albion, do so in addition to what you give for the PUC Fund, so essential for scholarships and the academic program. Please prayerfully consider this need and send your contribution by December 31 either by check, cash or credit card.


Call or send your checks to:


Advamcement Office
Pacific Union College
One Angwin Ave.
Angwin, CA 94508

Thank you for your support.


Recent Photos of Albion

View from Lonicera

Main Street looking Toward the River from Vanessa and the Dining Room


View from Lonicera

Main Street Looking Up Valley from Lab


View from Lonicera

Looking from Macoma Toward the River, Lab on Right


View from Lonicera



View from Lonicera

Looking Down Main Street toward the River from the Dining Room


View from Lonicera

PUC Administrative Council at Albion


View from Lonicera

Dining Room Ready for the Board Retreat


View from Lonicera

Dorm Room Cabin Ready for the Board Retreat


Wil Cook , 707-937-5440,

Gibby Muth, 707-965-2607,

Larry Provonsha, 916-638-0842,


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