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May 19 , 2008
Vol. 3 No.7

New Albion Manager



It is with pleasure that we announce Wil Cook as the new Field Station Manager.  Wil has served with distinction as Interim Manager for the past seven months. He coordinates all field station activities including group and guest scheduling, food service, and business transactions. Welcome Wil!


We hope soon to announce the new Assistant Manager whose primary responsibilities include housekeeping, maintenance and yard care.


Wil Cook



Upcoming Projects and Work Bees


Comcast Line Installation - May 29 and 30


Because of the inadequacy of the satellite-based Internet service provider, Comcast is extending their cable to the camp. Our part is to install about 1,000 feet of 2-inch conduit from the top of the ridge to the dining room. We need a small group of volunteers to glue the conduit together and place it in the trench. A commercial ditcher will dig the trench and we will backfill with our own tractor.



Landscaping - The two weeks of June 1 and June 8


Work bees are scheduled for the weeks of June 1 and June 8 for landscaping.  Art Goulard, Superintendant of Grounds for Pacific Union College, will oversee and install the sprinkler systems. Volunteers are needed to level and prepare the ground, dig the trenches and plant the nearly 200 rhododendrons, azaleas and other shrubs that have recently been purchased.



Painting - The week of July 27


A small crew is needed to paint the exterior doors, window sills and interior door casings.  This work bee is scheduled for the week of July 27. If you have painting skills, we need you!



Woodshed Construction - The two weeks of August 10 and 17


The weeks of August 10 and August 17 are tentatively reserved for the construction of our new woodshed. Yes, we plan to dismantle the Quonset-styled metal woodshed across the creek and clean up this eyesore. The plan is to convert the open-sided building across from the laboratory previously used as an aquarium shelter to a woodshed resembling the dorm cabins. This 15’ x 20’ building will house the Kabota tractor, lawn mower, garden tools and fire wood.





Yard Sale


Betty Muth and Wil Cook organized and conducted a yard sale last week.  They brought in about $2,500 from the sale of old furniture and obsolete items.  It was amazing how “one person’s junk is someone else’s treasure.” The laboratory rooms are now empty and clean. Thank you Betty and Wil! 





It is with sadness we announce the death of Serge Lassen on February 25, 2008. Serge was a volunteer last summer during the major construction phases of our renovation project.  He married Josette Stevens October 5, 2007. On New Year’s Eve, she took him to the emergency room in Santa Rosa where subsequent tests determined Serge had a brain tumor. Serge donated the funds for the rain gutters and downspouts. He will be missed.


Serge Lassen
September 25, 1938 to February 25, 2008





Money is budgeted and in the bank for landscaping, painting, rebuilding the woodshed and applying a seal coat on the paving done last summer. Two items remain that were not part of the renovation but are very much needed.


One is an extension of the Comcast cable down to the camp for high speed Internet service and basic television. Our current satellite service is inadequate to serve our students and guests.


The second is a generator that will supply power to the entire camp during power outages that can last up to a week. We have a 150 kilowatt generator from surplus. The real cost is the PG&E switch and the cabling.


We need another $40,000 to complete these two projects, making the camp very nicely self-contained and comfortable. Whether you are able to volunteer for a work bee, please support the volunteers by making a donation so that we may continue upgrading and improving the field station. 

You can send your check to the Development Office:

Development Office
Pacific Union College
One Angwin Ave
Angwin, CA 94508

You can put your gift on your Visa or MasterCard.

Call the Development Office, 707-965-7500, and Tonya or one of the secretaries will take your Visa or MasterCard transaction over the phone. As yet, we are not able to accept American Express.


Wil Cook , 707-937-5440,

Gibby Muth, 707-965-2607,

Larry Provonsha, 916-638-0842,



Photos of Camp


Dorm Cabin




Vanessa with Shrubs Waiting to be Planted


Golden Gate Rhododendron Tree


Golden Gate Rhododendron Tree Flower


Nature by Design Sixth Grade Class in Lab


Dan Wyrick, Director, Nature by Design


Sixth Grade Student in Nature by Design Class



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Written by Gilbert Muth, 305 Sky Oaks Drive , Angwin , CA 94508 (707) 965-2607


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