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August 6, 2007
Vol. 3 No1

Next Workbee - August 19-24

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What Happened at the Last Work Bee?

At the work bee in July we were able to get all the shingles on, nearly finish the rough plumbing and get a considerable amount of the cedar siding on.

The paving has been completed and the concrete curbs and sidewalks have been poured. With the dust and mud gone, the camp has taken on a new look! Thanks to Jerry Thompson and his crew our sidewalks and curbs look really great!


Next Workbee, August 19-24

Our next big push is to get the cabins ready for the framing inspection. There is a punch list of small tasks that need to be accomplished. We need lots of volunteers who are willing to help us get through this list. We will continue installing the cedar siding. Call or email one of us so we will know you are coming.


Jim Grossman Project Manager

Jim Grossman

Jim Grossman has agreed to assume the position of project manager for the remainder of our building at Albion.

Jim is a general building contractor and is the Chairman of the Board for the Dogwood Foundation, a nonprofit foundation that has focused on Katrina relief and projects just like ours. Jim has coordinated a number of work bees at Monterey Bay Academy and our up-coming work bee will be the fourth he has coordinated for us.

He will calculate and produce material lists, help us get the materials at a discount or at least a lower price, he will schedule the tasks in the order they need to occur so that we don't do some of our tasks over again (something that has happened more than once). There will be some tasks that are better contracted than done by volunteers. He will advise us on such items as well as check out the contractors.

Jim will coordinate all volunteers who work at the field station during the work bee sessions and at other times as well. We are excited about him taking on this role. This way he watches out for the project and we spend our time running the camp, raising funds for the project and recruiting volunteers.



At present, we have spent all the funds that have come in for the project. We do have a considerable amount of material stockpiled at the site so the volunteer work can continue.

We will NOT go into debt to complete the project. Our philosophy is to "pay as you go."

The concrete work, grading and paving have cost considerably more than we anticipated. Even so, it was necessary because we had to tear up so much of the area to get the infrastructure in the ground. Now we have the mud and dust under control.

As soon as all the bills are in, we will give you a financial accounting, telling you what has been spent and what we think the rest of the project will cost to complete.


Photos of Sidewalks, Curbs and Paving

Paving Albion Main Street


Looking Down Albion Main Street All Paved


Vanessa with New Siding, Sidewalks and Paving


Sidewalks and Paving between Capella and Macoma


Looking up Main Street of Albion All Paved


Sidewalk up to Lonicera


Sidewalk in Front of Lonicera


New Volunteers

Bob, Paulette and Timmy Fenzel


Sam Alexander, Serge Lassen, Tim Mitchel, Bob Baumann


Jerry Thompson (2nd from Left on Front Row) and Concrete Crew


David Wiebe, 707-937-5440,

Gibby Muth, 707-965-2607,

Larry Provonsha, 916-638-0842,

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