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June 24 , 2007
Vol. 2 No.9

Big Workbee - July 15-20

We still need Money - Donate Today


Big Workbee, July 15 to 20

Work is progressing well in the lower camp. To date, the cabins are framed, the roofs are framed and sheeted, most of the rough wiring is in, some of the rough plumbing is in, all the curbs are in, some of the sidewalks are in place and every day something new is completed.

Our biggest need is volunteer labor. We need you. If you are willing and able to work we can use you in the building process, cleanup of the scraps and trash left from construction, level dirt around the sidewalks and curbs, help in the kitchen, and the list goes on! Jim Grossman and Bob Clough will be there to direct the project. We need helpers, lots of them!

Call us or email us today to tell us that you are coming.



We have been blessed with good financial help! There has always been money in the account to keep the project moving ahead. We don't want to lose that momentum. Continue to help us as you are able.

In a later newsletter when more of the invoices and expenses are in, I will give a full accounting of the financial situation to date.


Donor Advised Fund Grant

When we discovered that grant money was available from the Northern California Conference Association “Donor Advised Fund” to benefit churches and schools, we quickly dreamed up a wish list of equipments needs for the Albion Field Station.  It included a variety of items:   a video projector; broadband access for the camp; cabinets for some of the cabins; a freezer, a wok, and an ice machine for the dining room; a new washer and dryer; and matching replacement furniture for all the cabins.

The request letter for the maximum grant was written and sent off with prayer on June 1.  Gibby called Larry on June 6 (actually, he emailed Larry saying, “Get off the phone; I have good news!”) gleefully reporting the result:  The NCC Association had met and granted the Field Station $25,000.

Although so far only a freezer has been purchased, these funds will go a long way toward meeting equipment needs for the camp.  Thank you Northern California Conference Association!

Note:  If you have the urge to provide matching funds for this generous grant, please contact Gibby, Dave or Larry.


Photos of Sidewalks and Curbs


David Wiebe, 707-937-5440,

Gibby Muth, 707-965-2607,

Larry Provonsha, 916-638-0842,

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