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March 16, 2007
Vol. 2 No.7

Major Workbee May 1-11

Workbee May 1-11

The eleven-day period of May 1 to May 11 is our big push to frame the cabins in the lower camp, put on the roofs, install the rough plumbing and wiring and close in the outside walls. WE NEED YOU!

We need all skill levels. The key is a willingness to be involved and having a part in the success of the project. We will have team leaders for doing the framing, roofing, rough electrical, rough plumbing and putting on the exterior cedar. You will be able to join the team that most interests you.

Will Cook, a trained chef, will be doing the cooking. He needs individuals to help him prepare the food, wash the dishes and keep the dining room clean.

There will be jobs for everyone. Come, join in the fun for a day or for the entire time or anytime in between.

Because the various aspects of finishing the cabins takes a lot of time we have chosen to get the rooms framed and closed in early so that we can have the rest of the summer to continue the finishing process. Many of you may not be able to come in May but you may be able to come in June, July or August. If this is the case, there will be a lot of work to finish the cabins for use by September. So, mark your calendar. The schedule will be as follows:

June -- first two weeks

July -- entire month except the third week

August - entire month

Plan to be at Albion sometime between May and the first of September to help us. Call or send us an email (see contact information below) as to when you can be involved. We will feed you, house you and even give you a trip in the boat either up the river or out to sea if you desire!


Progress on the Curbs, Sidewalks and Paving

The grading, sidewalk, curb installation and paving will all be contracted. John Shandel will be responsible for grading the road through the center of camp. Jerry Thompson will be doing the curbs and sidewalks. Following all of this, the paving will be installed. Weather permitting, this should all be completed in time for our workbee on May 1.


Progress on Lonicera

Two of the lofts in Lonicera are complete and we have two more to go which will be finished before May 1. The furnishings in Lonicera are nearly finished and all four private baths are complete and functioning. As soon as the lofts are in we will be able to touch up the drywall and complete the rest of the finish painting (trim, baseboards, doors and touch up drywall).
We are negotiating for the cedar that will cover the exterior of both Lonicera and the lower camp. When agreement on a price has been reached it will be delivered and installed on Lonicera. The hope is to have it here by May 1, if not before.

Below are photos of the lofts and furnishings of Lonicera.


Loft 1

Loft 2

Your Help is Needed

Both volunteers and dollars are needed. You can help by: (1) giving your time and energy as a volunteer to help us do the building and (2) sharing your financial resources to help complete the project.

When the "Restroom Project" started, Albion had $117,000 in hand. We estimated that it would take another $150,000 to complete.

Friends of Albion have stepped forward and have been very generous in giving over $80,000 this last year.

However, since we began this process over a year ago, some material costs have increased. For example, crude oil has gone up in price world-wide, resulting in higher cost of asphalt needed to pave the road.

To account for increased costs like this, we are counting on folks like you to make an additional investment to help raise the $120,000 more needed to complete the project.

Albion Restroom Funds: $117,000

Contributions & Gifts: $80,000

Total Received: $197,000

Still Needed: $120,000

So, if you've made a pledge, now is the time to fulfill your pledge. And if you've been wondering about whether or not to give, please make a decision to give now.

David Wiebe, 707-937-5440,

Gibby Muth, 707-965-2607,

Larry Provonsha, 916-638-0842,



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