December 15, 2006

Vol. 2 No.4


Albion Needs Your Year-end Tax Deductable Gifts


Progress in the Lower Camp

The rainy season has overtaken us and so we have buttoned down the hatches for the winter. The sidewalks, curbs and paving will occur sometime in the spring after the ground dries out. From the middle of November until the first of March the sun does not shine down in the valley because it is too low in the sky. It takes the sun to dry out the soil before we can proceed further with the outside developments.

Progress on Lonicera

Lonicera is now functional but not finished. During this holiday season the propane space heaters will be installed as well as the vanities and cabinets in the bathrooms. Immediately after the new year, we plan to begin installing the lofts over the windows where we will place single mattresses, giving each room the ability to
sleep four individuals.

Thanks to Ruth and Dave Wiebe

Ruth and Dave Wiebe have this project on their minds continually and must juggle the needs of the station and its guests with that of the construction and the volunteers who come to help. In addition, Lonicera has been uninhabitable until just a couple of weeks ago. Because this is a volunteer project it has been difficult to get the needed volunteers to do a number of the jobs, the most notable of which has been the plumbing. Consequently, Dave has put in long hours doing the plumbing and other tasks so that he could hasten its use. Dave has done all this plus his regular duties of running the camp. Ruth has also been on call to cook for the volunteers and keep up Dave's courage. Thanks Dave and Ruth!

What is the Immediate Goal?

Immediately after the New Year we will put together a timeline for completing the second phase of the project, the completion of private baths in the lower camp. The goal is to have all the cabins completed and habitable by September. Set aside the weekend of March 16-18 for a Friends of Albion meeting at Albion. Plan to be there to see the progress, do some volunteer work and help put together the work schedule for the summer.

We need your Gift!

As you plan your year-end giving keep Albion in mind. We are still about $100,000 from reaching the needed funds to complete the restroom project. We will only progress as far as the funds last. So, if you have made a commitment or intend to give a financial gift to Albion, please send it before the end of the month. Address it as follows: Development Office, Pacific Union College, One Angwin Ave., Angwin, CA 94508. Mark it Albion Restroom Project.

We Still Need YOU!

There are still many small detail jobs that need to completed to finish Lonicera. If you have any time available that you can volunteer we could use your help.

Plan to be involved by contacting Dave Wiebe at 707-937-5440 or Gibby at 707-965-2607 and we will put you on the schedule. You can also email us using the contact information below.

David Wiebe, 707-937-5440,

Gibby Muth, 707-965-2607,

Larry Provonsha, 916-638-0842,


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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