July 24, 2006
Vol. 2 No. 1

Work Bee at Albion
August 9 -18

Progress to Date

Lonicera is now completely framed with roofs on both additions. The rough electrical is complete, the rough plumbing will take about one day to finish and then we are ready to begin closing in the walls, both exterior and interior.

In the lower camp, we have removed the porches from the existing cabins. John Schandel came with his large equipment and removed the concrete aprons, sidewalks and railroad ties that border the street through the middle of camp. By the time that you receive this newsletter, John will have leveled the area around each cabin where the concrete pads will be installed beginning August 9. John is a local contractor who has done a lot of work for us in the past and has the necessary equipment for this type of work. He has been very kind to us (in his charges) over the years (20 or more) and does good work. See the photos below.

What is Next?


We are pushing hard to complete Lonicera as soon as possible. In their current condition the Lonicera cabins are not usable and we have a real need to get them into service as quickly as possible. So we need individuals who can put on external siding, install the insulation, hang dry wall and tape and texture the dry wall. Our goal is to complete these cabins before the College Administration has their retreat at Albion in September.

Lower Camp

Starting on Wednesday, August 9, we will begin installing the forms and the rough plumbing that goes under the concrete floor for each of the lower camp cabins. Conrad vonBlankenburg will be in charge of the forming and pouring. Jim Grossman is building templates for the cabins that will aid the forming and plumbing process this year and the framing next year.

Fund Raising

Larry Provonsha and Gibby Muth have been talking to a number of the Friends of Albion. To date we have commitments and cash totalling about $30,000 toward our goal of $150,000. The response has been very good: all have committed to a figure, will commit to an amount or have written us a check on the spot. The enthusiasm for and the commitment to Albion are great! We just need more of both labor and funds to make this project a success.

We Need YOU!

First, we need your time to help us build.

The goal is to purchase the materials and have all the labor donated.

From August 9 to 18 we need your help with the concrete pads, completing Lonicera, preparing meals, kitchen cleanup, and construction site cleanup. All you need is a passion for the project and a desire to be involved. We will house you, feed you and even take you for a boat ride up the river.

Plan to be involved by contacting Dave Wiebe at 707-937-5440 or Gibby at 707-965-2607 and we will put you on the schedule. You can also email us using the contact information below.

Second, we need money to complete the project.

We need your gift no matter how small or how large! Please consider what you can give and pay your gift in two installments (1st installment before the end of 2006 and the 2nd installment before June of 2007). Because Larry and Gibby are coordinating the fundraising, you may communicate your commitment to either of us.

If you would like to donate now, send your donations directly to Advancement Office, Attn. Pam Sadler, Pacific Union College, One Angwin Ave, Angwin, CA 94508., and mark it ALBION RESTROOM FUND.

Third, spread the word that we need help.

By recruiting workers and donations you can help us complete the job more quickly and with less effort. So spread the word, inform us of people with means or skills and we will make the contacts. Our contact information is below:

Larry Provonsha, 916-638-0842, lprovonsha@aol.com

David Wiebe, 707-937-5440, dfwiebe@puc.edu

Gibby Muth, 707-965-2607, gilbertmuth@sbcglobal.net

John Hewett Roofing Lonicera with Ron Ritterskamp

Lonicera Framed and Roofed

Gibby Muth and Don Halenz Removing Porch

John Schandel's Worker Removing Apron in Front of Cabin

John Schandel's Workers Removing Railroad Ties

Main Street of Camp With Railroad Ties and Sidewalks Removed

Sequoia With Concrete Walks and Apron Removed

Macoma Ready for Pad Leveling

David Wiebe, 707-937-5440, dfwiebe@puc.edu

Gibby Muth, 707-965-2607, gilbertmuth@sbcglobal.net

Larry Provonsha, 916-638-0842, lprovonsha@aol.com



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