May 31, 2006
Vol. 1 No. 8

What has Been Happening

Since our last newsletter we have been working on our summer plans and at the same time trying to get Lonicera completed. The rough plumbing that needs to go in under the floor in Lonicera is where the delay has occurred. With four units to plumb and the fact that the plumbing is a bit complex, it has taken longer than we would have liked. Burt Pontynen has come to our rescue and finished this phase of the work and now we will be calling for an inspection as I write this newsletter.

The plan is to get an inspection this week and then begin framing next week (Monday, June 12). Jerry Hetzer has agreed to oversee the restroom additions on Lonicera. Richard and Rochelle Dederer will be coming to help as well. Richard has the necessary nail guns and other specialized equipment that we need to do the framing. If you are available and can help, we could use a few more individuals to help with the framing and enclosing the additions. Call Gibby at 707-965-2607 or Dave at 707-937-5440 and indicate your availability to us.

In addition to keeping Lonicera going, we have been making plans for this summer (2006). In a nutshell, we have from now until early September to put in the concrete pads for the six buildings in the lower camp, install the addition to the sewer system, put in the new concrete curbing and sidewalks, and pave the street through the middle of camp. Next summer (2007) we will frame, enclose and finish all the cabins in the lower camp.

Our projections, as of this writing, are that we will need another $150,000 to complete the restroom project. This includes what we have done to Lonicera, the restrooms on the other six cabins, the sewer system upgrade, the electrical and propane upgrades to the cabins, the new sidewalks and concrete curbing and the repaving of the street down through the middle of camp. This amount will be refined as we get the earthwork bids from the local contractors who will level the ground for the concrete pads, dig the hole for the 5,000 gallon septic tank, dig the trenches for the new sewer line and the trenches for the new gas lines and electrical conduit and the cost of the material for the paving. The contractor we will most likely hire will install the paving gratis if we pay for the material.

Restrooms Require an Infrastructure to Service Them

Sewer System

As a condition for adding the restrooms, the county is requiring that we install an additional 5,000 gallon septic tank. This tank will go in adjacent to the lab at the edge of the parking lot. There will be a sewer line that goes up the center of the road which will accept the sewer from all the cabins. The current sewer line is small because it only has to carry waste water from the basins of each of the cabins. The new line will need to be large enough to carry the solids from each of the toilets as well as the water from the showers and basins. Therefore, we will need to dig up the entire street to put in the septic tank and sewer lines.


We considered tank water heaters and tankless water heaters. Because of the demand for hot water from all four cabins at once, we opted for the tankless water heaters because they would take up considerably less space and the hot water would never run out. We had the choice of either electric or propane. We chose propane because it was less expensive as a fuel and much less expensive for installation. The most economical way to distribute propane to each of the cabins is to install a large propane tank up by the current restroom and pipe it to each of the cabins. With propane at each of the cabins for water heating it made sense to install propane heaters in each of the cabins because of the lesser cost of propane over electricity.


With propane heat in each of the cabins we will be using less electricity, however, the peak demand for electricity has the potential to be considerably greater than our current peak demand. Projecting the worst case scenario, we could have a dorm cabin with four adolescent girls in each cabin. With four rooms to each cabin, there is the potential of having 16 girls in a single 4-room cabin. If all 16 use their 1500 watt hair dryers at once we could blow some circuits very easily if the power to each of the cabins is not sized correctly. Thus, we need to run higher capacity electric lines to each of the cabins to increase the peak capacity for each of the cabins.

Concrete Pads

For the pads to be leveled, the old concrete sidewalks need to be removed as well as the porches on the ends of each of the cabins. Any concrete steps that lead up to the cabin will be in the wrong place for the restroom additions and those will need to be removed.

Sidwalks, Steps and Curbing

New sidewalks and steps need to be in place before we begin our new season in September as a safety issue. Some of the cabins will need some significant steps to get into the cabins. Further, we want to keep as much dirt and grit out of the cabins as possible during the construction period. The plan, as indicated below, is for the pads to be poured this year and the building to occur next year. The steps and sidewalks make the work of building much easier as well. While we are in the process of forming up and pouring the steps and sidewalks, it only makes sense to put a concrete curb down each side of the main street of camp.


The entire street will be torn up with the sewer tank and sewer line installation, the electrical conduits and propane lines. Once this is all in the ground it needs to be repaved.

Other Considerations

We are carefully planning what needs to go underground so that it will NOT be necessary to tear up the street anytime soon. While the trenches are open, extra conduit will go in so that other wires or optical cables can be pulled as needed. The major electrical conduits and gas lines that will be needed for the electrical and heating of the proposed boat barn will also be buried at the same time. The wire (the expensive part of the electrical) can be pulled as needed and doesn't have to be purchased now except for that which is needed for the cabins. Our building committee has spent considerable time going over the options so as to maximize comfort and usability and minimize the cost of energy and maintenance over the long term.

In Summary

Putting on the restrooms will be well worth the effort and expense. More people will come and be willing to pay the extra cost to have the convenience of their own private bath. Unfortunately, when we add the restrooms we also have to upgrade the infrastructure that services the restrooms and that significantly adds to the cost. When finish, Albion will be very comfortable and appealing to a broader clientele.


Detailed Schedule for this Summer (2006)

General overview of the project:

  1. Continue with Lonicera until completed
  2. Pour pads for all lower camp cabins
  3. Install sewer and underground utilities
  4. Install all sidewalks and steps to cabins
  5. Install concrete curbing along street
  6. Pave street

Jim Grossman and Robert Clough will be setting up templates for the building which will have all the detail necessary so we can "assembly line" produce these buildings. Jim will be there when we lay out the pads to make sure we correctly use the templates.

Erik vonBlankenburg, my son-in-law and his father Conrad, building contractors in San Francisco will take charge of putting in the forms for all the pads. They will also help us pour the concrete. Henry Herman has indicated that he can be available to finish the concrete, however, we will need at least three or four more individuals to help.

Timeline for Summer 2006 Construction at Albion:

  1. Continue full pace to complete Lonicera as soon as possible
  2. Between now and July 16, remove porches on cabins in preparation for leveling pads
  3. July 16 to July 22, level pads
  4. July 23 to July 29, layout and dig footings for pads, assemble under-slab plumbing (sewer plumbing for shower, toilet and basin)
  5. August 2 to August 8, form pads, put in steel, put in under-slab plumbing
  6. August 9, get inspection
  7. August 10 and 11, pour and finish pads
  8. August 14, dig hole for 5,000 gallon septic tank
  9. August 15, place 5,000 gallon septic tank
  10. August 16, to August 22, dig trenches for and install septic line, electrical conduits and gas line
  11. August 23 to August 28, form and pour curbing for main road through camp
  12. August 29 to September 1, form and pour all steps and sidewalks to cabins
  13. September 4 to September 8, pave the road through camp

Funding the Project

Below is a table of what we project the Restroom project to cost:




Building Materials Lower Camp


1730 sq. ft. @ $150/sq ft. x .60

Leveling of pads


Contractor Necessary

Dig Footings


Contractor Necessary

Dig Trenches and Tank Hole


Contractor Necessary

Sewer Tank


Purchase Sewer Tank



Contract with John Schandel – he will give us a price break

Sidewalks and Curbing


Propane pipelines


Electrical Infrastructure


Lonicera Building Materials


432 sq. ft. @ $150/sq ft. x .60

Total Cost


Money on Hand




Increasing this amount by 20% as a contingency would be $163,056

A steering committee has been put together for the purpose of working through the entire process of our building program. They are as follows: John Collins, V.P. for Finance, Pam Sadler, V.P. for Development, Don Logan, Larry Provonsha, Dave Wiebe, Ruth Wiebe and Gibby Muth. This committee recommended to the PUC Administration and the PUC Administration approved our plan of (1) moving ahead with the plans outlined above; (2) spending only money we have on hand; (3) coordinating fund raising with Pam Sadler; (4) and that Gibby and Larry would work to raise the amount needed to finish the project.

We think a goal of raising $150,000 is realistic and should complete the restrooms. The $117,000 that is currently in the bank should allow us to do all the work we have planned for this summer.

So, How Can You Be Involved?

First we need your time to help us build.

The goal is to purchase the materials and have all the labor donated. Plumbers and electricians are in short supply and we need individuals who know the codes for putting in the rough and finish plumbing and electrical. We will need concrete finishers as well. There are two individuals who have committed their services on the designated dates, however we could use at least two more. We also need general help (flunky help) to help those who know how to do their particular job. We need kitchen help -- cooks, helpers and people who will cleanup after the meals by washing dishes. We would like to have individuals who would plan devotional thoughts for us for both morning and evening. There will be cleanup in the form of cleaning the dining room, current restrooms, etc. We also need "demolition engineers" to help us remove the porches from each of the cabins.

If you can help us with any of this work, contact Dave at 707-937-5440 or Gibby at 707-965-2607 and we will put you on the schedule. It might appear that we have all the help needed from the individuals who have agreed give us some time. These are the individuals that know what they are doing. We need everyone, whatever your skill level or knowledge.

Second, we need money to complete the project.

We need your gift no matter how small or how large! I would urge you to look at what you can give by early 2007 and pledge that amount. Our goal is to wrap up the campaign by September 2006 so your pledge by that time would be greatly appreciated. Paying your gift pledge by early 2007 will be necessary to have the cash for completing the restrooms during the summer of 2007. Because Larry Provonsha and Gibby Muth will be coordinating the fund raising, we would like for you to communicate your pledge to either of us (Larry Provonsha - 916-638-0842 OR (Gibby Muth - 707-965-2607

If you would like to donate, send your donations directly to Advancement Office, Attn. Pam Sadler, Pacific Union College, One Angwin Ave, Angwin, CA 94508., and mark it ALBION RESTROOM FUND.

Third, spread the word that we need help.

By recruiting workers and donations you can help us complete the job more quickly and with less effort. So, spread the word, inform either Larry Provonsha, David Wiebe or Gibby Muth of people with means or skills and we will make the contacts. Our contact information is below:

Larry Provonsha, 916-638-0842,

David Wiebe, 707-937-5440,

Gibby Muth, 707-965-2607,

Newsletter Written and Edited by Gilbert Muth, 305 Sky Oaks Drive, Angwin, CA 94508 (707) 965-2607

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