December 26, 2005
Vol. 1 No. 5

Good News!
Last Thursday, December 22, Mendocino County held the required public hearing for our restroom project. Because no one was present to contest the project and because the staff report recommended acceptance of the project, it was passed by the Planning Department. The last hurdle is the 30 day waiting period for written appeals. If none come in or if staff deems the appeal not significant then we will get full approval by the end of January. Written appeals, after the public hearing, cost $750, a significant deterrent for frivolous appeals.

Friends of Albion Planning Session for Adding Restrooms
The architectural plans for the restroom additions are drawn. Some electrical items need to be added to the plans along with a few very minor modifications. We hope to make these changes immediately after the first of January and have a full set of building plans to Mendocino County for a plan check by mid-January.

The next item on our agenda is to have a meeting at Albion for the Friends of Albion on the third weekend in March (March 17-19). Keep that date open and join us to help plan the building project. We will need a number of different coordinators such as cooks, cleanup in the kitchen, worships, help on the building, etc. These individuals will be responsible for recruiting the necessary help and scheduling them for particular times during the summer. We need your help and suggestions so do come. The weekend at Albion is at no monetary cost to you.

My goal is to have the building permits in hand by the time we meet in March. Further, I am hoping to have individuals lined up, by this time, who can start the excavation for the sewer system portion of the project as well as the leveling of the building pads.

So, put March 17-19 on your calendar and call Dave Wiebe at Albion (707-937-5440), telling him that you will be attending this planning session.

Further Plans for Albion
During the month of January, I will be preparing the necessary applications for the remainder of our projects - boat docking facility and the rebuilding of the boat barn. This will entail the same basic application going to about 6 - 8 governmental agencies. All these agencies will need to sign off on the project before it can be permitted. It will take at least a year for it to work its way through the system. I will keep you posted on the progress of these applications as well.

What's the Latest with the Field Station?

First, we have cleaned up the new property completely except for about one dumpster load. If you have some time this spring we would like some help cleaning up this last bit of trash on our new property.

Second, we have obtained a permit from the Coastal Commission for a temporary bridge across the creek over to the new property. The bridge is installed and is currently being used.

Third, we have purchased a new-used Kuboda tractor for Albion. The tractor is diesel with very low hours and contains six attachments: (1) front end loader; (2) rototiller; (3) scraper; (4) back hoe; (5) wood splitter; and (6) brush chipper. Dan Brown, Director of Plant Services, will be servicing all the units and replacing the hydraulic hoses on his own time. John Fisher is offering this to us for $6,000, the tractor's trade in value. Those of us who looked at this tractor and the attachments feel like we are receiving great value for our money. If you would like to contribute to this project we would be very happy to receive your donation. Make sure that the donation goes through either David Wiebe or me so that it can be credited to the correct account.

Newsletter Written and Edited by Gilbert Muth, 305 Sky Oaks Drive, Angwin, CA 94508 (707) 965-2607

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