September 21, 2005
Vol. 1 No. 4

Quick Update
Just a quick update on the happenings at Albion. We have full approval from the Coastal Commission for the aspects of the restroom project over which they have jurisdiction. In addition they are giving us an "emergency permit" to put a temporary bridge over the creek to easily access the new property.

Mendocino County needed the emergency permit for the bridge before they could do their staff report for the required Mendocino County public hearing on our project. Therefore the hoped for place on the agenda had to be postponed. We could have been put on the agenda for October or November but Gibby was not available to attend those two dates. He will be available at the December hearing and that is now scheduled for December 22, 2005.

This means we will not be able start on the project until spring but will give us time to mobilize the troops for the tasks ahead. We will undoubtedly have a planning session in March to kick off the construction project. We will keep you posted. It will most likely be the 2nd or 3rd weekend in March.

The temporary bridge is an aluminum loading ramp that will carry 15,000 pounds and was obtained from educational surplus. The plan is to have it in place by early October. It will remain in place until we have a permit from the Coastal Commission, Department of Fish and Game and Mendocino County to put in a permanent culvert.

There is still cleanup to do on the new property. If you could spare a few days or a weekend to help fill a dumpster with trash, that would be wonderful and would help speed the project along. Call Dave Wiebe at 707-937-5440 to make the necessary arrangements.

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